I really like how people have brought back blogrolls and curated link lists, so here is a tidy collection of other blogs that I myself read and enjoy.


  • Read Only Memo — a “videogame emulation digest”; nerdy news updates on game emulation in a fun page.
  • The Crimson Diamond — developer blog for the EGA text parser adventure game The Crimson Diamond by Julia Minamata. She also posts about her fascinating craft hobbies and illustration background.
  • Grey Alien Games — rich and long-running indie game dev blog; lots of great advice for indies, and it’s fun to read about their lengthy journey.
  • The Bottom Feeder — developer blog by Spiderweb Software, one of the (if not the) longest-running indie game companies in the world. Opinions and lessons on making games as a mom-and-pop shop.

Art & Design

  • Robin Rendle — well-designed and thoughtful blog about web design (and design in general). Incredibly well-written.
  • I Feel Fine — progress and art blog by Canadian comics author Mariel Kelly, who lives in Wales. I love seeing how she creates comics, and her workspace is beautiful.

Personal / Other

  • Freetalk by Dirchansky — a personal / art blog by a good friend who’s also a wonderful comics artist and writer (and who got me back into blogging!).
  • — personal blog by a Canadian web developer. I find his posts to be deeply relatable.
  • Zen Habits — this well-known blog by Leo Babauta about minimalism and chilling the heck out has legitimately helped me many times when I needed it.
  • Discover the IndieWeb — click the button to get a random indie blog result; a great way (I’ve found) to discover new stuff.